Noblis NSP is working with Law Enforcement, Intelligence Community, and Defense clients
for their most challenging and critical missions.

Threat Intelligence


Our Cyber Threat capability provides cyberspace threat intelligence analysis, targeting, and operational planning expertise to DHS, the FBI, USCYBERCOM, and the IRS. We incorporate the analyst and operator, producing tailored technology, process, and organizational solutions for our clients.


Special Intelligence Programs


Our SIP capability lays the foundation for advanced analytics with large-scale data ingestion and data management efforts for multiple IC customers. We help enable advanced analytics for applications that screen potential terrorists and forecast societal unrest by collecting, organizing, and fusing open source, and classified data streams. We also provide development and engineering support to the applications that sit on top of the analytic layer, and a highly experienced analyst cadre so these tools can be interpreted and employed.


Cyber Physical Systems


Our CPS capability specializes in the critical cyber technologies that interact with and react to our physical world. From identifying the embedded system vulnerabilities that threaten the Internet of Things, to understanding what state and non-state actors are employing against the ICS/SCADA systems that control our nation’s critical infrastructure, our team is creating solutions to these emerging problems.