Noblis and Noblis NSP Staff to Present at BloomCon Cybersecurity Conference

Cyber experts Mark Sanders, Brian Satira and Dr. Samuel Gross prepare to speak at BloomCon, a first-year conference held at Bloomsburg University

 FALLS CHURCH, VA.—February 4, 2016—BloomCon, a first-year cybersecurity conference presented by Bloomsburg University’s Digital Forensics Club, takes place February 5-6 at the University’s student center, Kehr Union, located in Bloomsburg, PA. The two-day event features 20+ speakers and activities such as workshops and competitions for ample networking, learning and collaborating opportunities.

Mark Sanders, Big Data Lab Manager, Noblis National Security and Intelligence, Brian Satira, Principal Analytics and Countermeasures Engineer, Noblis NSP and Dr. Samuel Gross, Senior Cryptographer, Noblis NSP, are cybersecurity experts who have been invited to speak at the upcoming conference.

Sanders will present on big data breaches, similar to that of the online adult industry-based Ashley Madison website breach, covering password implementation weaknesses and the importance of utilizing strong encryption programs moving forward. Of the various strong encryption options available in today’s marketplace, some administrators fail to utilize these options, causing vulnerabilities and increasing risk of system infiltration; Sanders explains how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Satira’s BloomCon presentation centers around the Industrial Control System (ICS) security in the maritime domain focusing on the heavy dependence of modern vessels on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and the security challenges involved.

Satira’s expertise was also shared during recent cyber conference FloCon 2016, which took place the week of January 11, where he co-presented alongside Michael Collins, Chief Scientist at RedJack, a Maryland-based cybersecurity company. Together, they covered deceptive measures in network security—using honey words and files to aid flo-based network security monitoring—and how a “proof of concept” tool, co-developed by a team of Noblis and RedJack experts, may be utilized to aid Data Loss Prevention strategies.

During Dr. Gross’s lecture, titled Factoring: The State of the Art, he will discuss the General Number Field Sieve (GNFS), a state-of-the-art factoring algorithm which serves as the current best means for breaking RSA encryption. This lecture presents the methods used to successfully factor the RSA-768 challenge number in 2010, as well as recent research on improvements to the algorithm. Dr. Gross will also cover other possibilities for breaking RSA.

Noblis Cybersecurity
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About BloomCon
Hosted at Bloomsburg University in Kehr Union, BloomCon brings together a whole variety of organisms whom all have a different genus—most of which are humans and interested in security. There will be many speakers and you will have a chance to compete in unique cybersecurity challenges for prizes.

About Noblis and Noblis NSP
Noblis, Inc. is a nonprofit science, technology, and strategy organization that brings the best of scientific thought, management, and engineering expertise in an environment of independence and objectivity. We work with a wide range of government and industry clients in the areas of national security, intelligence, transportation, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and enterprise engineering. Together with our wholly owned subsidiaries, Noblis ESI and Noblis NSP, we tackle the nation’s toughest problems and support our clients’ most critical missions.

From policy and planning to engineering and execution, Noblis NSP is an essential and unwavering partner in strengthening our nation’s defense and security posture. Noblis NSP provides full-mission support to federal agencies tasked with protecting American lives and interests at home and abroad. To execute this mission, we employ the industry’s most talented strategic consultants and technical experts, who enable our clients to solve our nation’s most complex security challenges. Our services include full spectrum cyber operations, big data and scalable solutions, geospatial technology, and web development.

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