LMN Hosts a Pragmatic Studio Advanced Ruby Class

LMN Hosts a Pragmatic Studio Advanced Ruby Class

Building a Deeper Understanding of Ruby

LMN Solutions has been finding creative uses of the Ruby programming language since 2005. Initially spurred on by our interest in the Ruby on Rails web development framework, we’ve since found numerous applications for Ruby scripting and application development. In the words of Martin Fowler, the Ruby language API provides a “Humane Interface“, one that tries “to find out what people want to do and design the interface so that it’s really easy to do the common case.” This interface, combined with the amazing power of the Rails framework, and its influential “convention over configuration” approach has allowed LMN to achieve amazing productivity and build spectacular applications for our customers.

We have enough developers that have been able to get productive with Ruby that we wanted to dive in a little deeper in understanding the advanced Ruby techniques that made a framework like Rails possible, and to be able to provide some of that power in our own applications. With a new group of developers now getting going on Ruby at LMN, we brought in the premier Ruby training outfit, the Pragmatic Studio, to lead a course in Advanced Ruby. They sent out Chad Fowler and Rich Kilmer, two of Ruby’s leading lights over the past decade, to get our team up to the next level.

LMN Solutions’ commitment to training and professional development for our team is key to providing the highest quality products and services for our customers, in addition to giving us a competitive advantage over most of our competitors. From our perspective, customers come to LMN because they want the best, and developers come to LMN because they want to be the best.

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